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Current conditions* at Silasiutitalik (20:00:00 EDT Monday 24 April 2017)

Silasiutitalik Station, 03 September 2010
Latitude: N 69° 50' 48"
Longitude: W 70° 31' 12"

*Collected within two (2) hours of the time noted.
Measurement Most recent value Last 24 hours
Condition Clear
Air Temperature -12.3 °C
Wind Direction N
Wind Speed 52.9 km/hr
Relative Humidity 69.0 %
Pressure 99.51 kPa
Tendency Falling
Ground Temperature -12.9 °C

View daily photos from the Silasiutitalik weather station camera


May 2015-May 2016*

*No photos are available for Silasiutitalik for May 2015 to May 2016 due to camera failure.

May 2014-May 2015*

*The camera failed on July 10, 2014 and did not take photos the rest of the year. It was replaced in May 2015.

May 2013-May 2014*

*Camera battery failure prevented full year of photos